Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center

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Welcome to the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center

The Berkeley Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center supports the commercialization of life science discoveries developed at UC Berkeley. Funded by gifts from Berkeley alumni Mark and Stephanie Robinson, with additional support from alumnus and adjunct Professor David Kirn and his wife Kristin Ahlquist, Berkeley LSEC is a first stop for any member of Berkeley’s community of life science innovators, from students to postdocs to faculty, curious about the path of moving from concept to company.

Read Berkeley LSEC's Launch Announcement.

Berkeley LSEC supports life sciences entrepreneurship in three ways:


Berkeley LSEC has partnered with Nucleate Bio Bay Area to run an Innovation Fellowship program. This program provides hands-on training in landscaping new technologies and an introduction to due diligence and innovation sourcing. The Innovation Fellows are carefully examining the innovation landscape in a technical area of their choice at UC Berkeley, identifying new technologies and innovations that are potentially commercializable. The next Innovation Fellows program will run January-June 2022. More information here.


Berkeley LSEC is a complement to and partner with the university’s remarkable institutes, accelerators, and programs, not a competitor. Berkeley LSEC helps would-be startup founders navigate the best path to success using these resources. Please sign up here(link is external) to be notified of campus resources and events of potential interest; in the meantime schedule a meeting(link is external) with LSEC’s executive director for individualized advice.


Core to LSEC’s mission is helping founders move from concept to company. The inaugural I-Corps @ LSEC was held Sept 13, 15 and 20 and was a success. This one-week I-Corps course is a mindset-changing program for students and faculty curious to explore starting a company around an innovation from their lab. The next session will be held Nov 29, Dec 1 and 6, 6-9pm online. More info and apply by Nov 12 at is external)Berkeley LSEC is also excited to partner with Nucleate Bio(link is external), led by entrepreneurial students from UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford.

How to Connect with Berkeley LSEC

We are excited to show off our latest startups and resident experts. Please follow Berkeley LSEC on LinkedIn(link is external) and Darren Cooke(link is external) (@darrendcooke) for news and events. If you are an investor interested in learning more about Berkeley-founded companies, or have any other questions, please let us know at sends e-mail). Finally, feel free to sign up for office hours here