Bio Startup Speed Teaming

I hope there are more opportunities like this in the future. I would love to keep participating in events like this so I can meet more amazing folks at Berkeley.
October 2021 Bio Startup Speed Teaming Participant

The next Bio Statup Speed Teaming will take place early fall 2022

Berkeley LSEC's Bio Startup Speed Teaming program introduces would-be startup founders with complementary expertise, with the hope of finding fruitful matches. Participants include technical experts with a potentially commercializable technology, and individuals with business, operational, or technical expertise who are interested in co-founding or joining a startup.


One of the most commonly expressed pain points in academic life sciences entrepreneurship is that it's hard to find a teammate, co-founder or advisor with complementary skills, particularly with business expertise. Investors expect balanced startup teams, and several entrepreneurship programs on campus require it, such as Berkeley SkyDeck, UC LAUNCH, and NSF I-Corps. Moreover, a balanced team helps gain admission to and ensure success in programs such as Nucleate Bio, StEP, Form+Fund, and SkyDeck Pad-13.

Successful startup teams have been formed across departments at Berkeley, but much of the success is related to the resourcefulness and luck on the part of the founders to find each other.

Speed Teaming Solution

Inspired by the methods used to match Key Advisors with cohort startups at Berkeley SkyDeck as well as speed dating events, we run a non-curated and non-algorithmic approach to connecting possible would-be teammates. We facilitate a up to a ten 10-minute one-on-one meetings over the course of two hours, between would-be startup founders with disparate but possibly complementary areas of expertise. This Speed Teaming process runs with the understanding that most of the meetings will not result in a fruitful connection. However if one or two strong connections are made, the effort would be considered a success.

Berkeley LSEC is hosting a pilot event to test the concept and refine the details. We are soliciting interest from students in the sciences and business to take part in this program. The goal is to find up to 12 candidates from each of the science and business domains, weighted toward admitting graduating students, postdocs and MBA and MPH students. We do not accept individuals or service providers merely looking to find clients. Basic biographical and contact information about each of the attendees will be distributed before the event.

For each of the Speed Teaming rounds, participants will be placed in a Zoom room with another attendee. At the end of each ten-minute session, they return to the main zoom room.

We will leave any follow-up conversations to be arranged by the attendees, who will be encouraged to communicate with each other after the event if they find potential synergies.

Campus Collaborations

This program is presented by the Berkeley Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center, with support from IPIRA, the Haas/SPH MBA/MPH program, and Haas Healthcare Association.

Interested in participating in the next Bio Startup Speed Teaming Program?

The first two sessions were such a big success, we're looking forward to doing it again. The next session will be held this fall. Any questions please email at or book an Advisory Session.

Already recommended to a friend! Was a great session and got to meet some very interesting people.
October 2021 Bio Startup Speed Teaming Participant
I had some really great conversations and will be following up with about 5-6 people out of 10. Great evening! I'd love to participate in more of these.
October 2021 Bio Startup Speed Teaming Participant