Life Sciences Startup Resources at Berkeley

You probably know already that Berkeley is a world leader in entrepreneurship. The following are some of the extraordinary entrepreneurship resources that are available to you.

Life Sciences Resources

  • Bakar BioEnginuity Hub and Bakar Labs: new facility that supports life science and deep tech entrepreneurship with lectures, programming, makerspace, advisor resources, and a world-class wetlab to grow your company

  • Bakar Innovation Fellows Program: fellowship support for graduate students and postdocs interested in translating research to commercialization

  • I-Corps @ LSEC: industry-standard program to test your idea for market viability

  • QB3: startup-supporting labspace and graduate career resources

  • Berkeley LSEC - Nucleate Venture Fellowship: experiential program for PhD students and postdocs interested in venture capital and entrepreneurship

  • Bio Track @ Berkeley SkyDeck: top startup accelerator investing $200k per company, and providing extensive programming and hundreds of expert advisors

  • Bio Startup Speed Teaming: meet your match with a fun online speed-teaming event.
  • Research Infrastructure Commons: first-of-its-kind program allowing startups to use idle research tools on campus and own the IP

  • Biotech @ Berkeley: graduate student club promoting career exploration, networking, and other opportunities to become familiar with biotech-related industry, the public sector/government, and entrepreneurship
  • Nucleate Bio Bay Area: student-run life science-focused startup accelerator, offering education, mentorship and a pitch showcase
  • Health Tech CoLab: Increasing access to healthcare by accelerating the development of medical devices, diagnostic tools, and digital health tools in a shared co-working space.
  • Berkeley Postdoctoral Entrepreneurship Program: fosters entrepreneurship among postdocs and graduate students, through education, awareness, and hands-on opportunities.
  • Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Impact, History, Therapeutics R&D, Entrepreneurship & Careers (BIOENG 253).

General Resources

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available to build an even more entrepreneurial, scholarly or applied career at Berkeley, please let me know with a reply to this email, or schedule a time to chat here