I-Corps @ LSEC

The first five sessions of I-Corps @ LSEC were a huge success

In the first four sessions of this life science themed market-needs-finding workshop, twenty teams collectively conducted over 400 customer discovery interviews over the course of five business days.

The technology they market-tested included cancer therapeutics and diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, EHR innovations, organ transplant preservation, research and medical lab automation, hospital equipment, and caregiver monitoring innovations. What they had in common was they came away with a different view of their potential market after only five days.

The next course will take place March 20, 22 and 27, online

If you have a life science startup idea this free intensive workshop will change your mindset around how you understand the stakeholders who determine whether your idea is adopted. More information about I-Corps and APPLY HERE by March 3!(link is external).

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about I-Corps @ LSEC or the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center, please email lifesciences@berkeley.edu(link sends e-mail) or sign up for a 1:1 Advisory Session here(link is external).

FAQs re I-Corps @ LSEC

What should I expect?

In one week you'll learn the Lean Startup methodology, and do at least fifteen customer discovery interviews. Participants have consistently described the experience as "mindset changing" and "pivotal" to their entrepreneurial journey.

Do I need to have a startup?

No, just a potentially commercializable idea – this course will help you decide whether or how best to pursue that startup idea. If you do have a company already, that’s ok – I-Corps has helped teams with paying customers refine their customer segments and value propositions, to help find more paying customers!

Do I need a team?

No and yes. This weeklong course is enough work that we don't take solo teams. You do need at least one teammate to participate with you. However, that person can be a friend, classmate, or colleague interested in getting an intensive customer discovery experience. In fact, it often works better to have a temporary teammate who is not as close to your technology.

Do I need to be a Berkeley student?

No. The mission of Berkeley LSEC is to promote innovation from UC Berkeley so we love teams with tech from Berkeley, but anyone with a university or national lab connection are welcome to apply.

Who is the instructor?

Darren Cooke(link is external), Director of the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center at UC Berkeley. He has taught the regional I-Corps program at Berkeley since 2017, and similar programs for the NSF, NIH, UC LAUNCH, and the Haas MBA course Lean Transfer. He’s also the former chair of the Bio Track at Berkeley SkyDeck and of Med Device and Digital Health at Life Science Angels.

I still have questions. Where do I get more info?

Sign up for an Advisory Session(link is external). We’d love to tell you more about this opportunity.

We wanted to thank you for the opportunity to do customer discovery with you during I-Corps. The conviction and relationships we built through that process were at the center of our application and interview.
Recent I-Corps @ LSEC Graduate, accepted to Y-Combinator