Berkeley Bio Expert Council

Thank you for your interest in supporting life sciences entrepreneurship programs at UC Berkeley

The #Berkeley_Bio_Expert_Council at the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center is a database of 100's of biotechnology and life sciences experts open to volunteering their support for UC Berkeley bio-entrepreneurship. We call upon members for help with advising and mentoring students, sourcing course projects, serving as guest speakers, and identifying jobs and internships for students.

UC Berkeley entrepreneurship program executives, students, faculty, and other Berkeley founders have restricted access to the Berkeley Bio Expert Council database. Members control who may contact them and how that happens.

Will you help us make Berkeley the leader in bio-entrepreneurship? Please apply on this form.

(If you've already been invited to participate on what was called the LSBE/LSEC Expert Council, you're in our database. And if you applied a couple to months ago an haven't heard anything - apologies, and please stay tuned. Thank you for your support.)